GBRC 2023

Theme : “Financing Net Zero-Carbon Buildings”

As part of celebrating 20 years of the World Green Building Council.
This Conference aims to provide a platform for capacity building and networking
among researchers in the built environment and renewable energy space.

About This Conference

Green Building Research Conference focus on research related to green building practices, technologies, and sustainable design in the construction industry. This conference brings together researchers, practitioners, industry professionals, and policymakers to discuss and share the latest advancements, findings, and insights in the field of green building.

The primary goal of a Green Building Research Conference is to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among experts in the green building sector. These conferences typically feature presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and poster sessions covering a wide range of topics related to sustainable building design, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources, water conservation, and green building policy and certification systems.